Hobbys & Interests:

SuperSeven, Movies, especially animated ones (Pixar, Dreamworks, Disney, Nick Park, Anime), Music, Cooking (especially the Asian Way), WT Kung Fu, Jogging, Frisbee,

Favourite Authors: Terry Pratchett, Christopher Moore, Douglas Adams, Robert A.Wilson, Robert Shea, Larry Niven, Arthur C. Clarke, Frank Schätzing, Frank Herbert, Stephen King, Peter Straub, Dean  Koontz . . .

Favourite Movies: The Great Dictator, Pulp Fiction, Les Triplettes de Belleville ( Wow!! ), Shrek, Antz, Sharktales, all Pixar movies, Ghost in the Shell, Delicatessen, City of lost Children, Blade Runner, Leon, Futurama Episodes, Wallace & Gromitt

Favourite Music: My musical spectrum ranges from Electronic over House to Jazz and Classic. Just to name a few: Swayzack, Timo Mass, Anthony Pappa, Black Crowes, Tom Petty, Talvin Singh, LTJ Bukem, Steve Vai, Tom Petty,  Puccini, the list is endless . . .

Favourite PC Games: Simbin GTR, rfactor, Spider Solitaire     ;  )                                                                



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